Pocket & Portable Medical Fridge

Designed for demanding customers. Keeping temperature between 2-15 °C degrees, for minimum 24 hours on own power.

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Device Specifications

The product has several technological features that make it stand out on the market with efficiency and reliability.

Temperature Customisation

Device allows to maintain the indicated temperature between 2 - 15 °C during heat or frost days.

Measurement Certification

We took care of the safety stored medicines and other goods in the refrigerator with certificates.

Self Powered

Xobox has own power bank to maintain the temperature for 24 or more hours without additional charging.

Smart App

You have the ability to operate and control the device remotely via a mobile application.

Water & Dust Proof

We take care of the long life of the device by meeting the tightness requirements.

Mobile Device

The device can be used at home, at work, in laboratories and in difficult weather conditions

How to Rent Xobox?

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We have developed and are developing a device that allows you to miniaturize the cooling technique while safely transporting drugs in all weather conditions.
The device is dedicated to individuals (usually Diabetics) who are forced to take medications due to their health condition, but also to several industries that sell and use medications in their own profession. Such industries include: Tourism, Pharmacy, Medicine, Sport, Transport, E-commerce.
Depending on who you are, the device can be used in different ways, but for the same purpose related to medication and cooling / heating.

  • If you use medicines that require cooling and keeping the temperature XoboX is for you.
  • If you operate in one of the listed industries, please contact us to present the models of devices that we have dedicated to individual customer groups.

It is best to contact our team before making a choice and deciding to buy or rent a device to discuss cooperation.

The device is available for rent to customers throughout Europe and North America. If you live on another continent, you can purchase the device for your own and use it without restrictions. The entire rental process takes place 100% remotely (verification of the lessor, signing the contract, paying for the subscription, delivery and return of the device. The purchase of the device is subject to a simplified process where the customer makes an online payment, gives the address to which the goods are to be sent and waits for insured shipment.
Rental and purchase is possible for a natural person as well as a business entity and a non-governmental organization located in every country of the world. Remember that it is always best to contact the sales team before purchasing to ensure the security of delivery and to obtain advice on the device itself.

Can I rent more devices under one contract?

If you are a registered business entity, non-governmental organization, university, state institution, it is possible to rent devices in the basic “Collective Rent” plan. You can rent a minimum of 5 Coldbox devices at a preferential price with the option of joining the Affiliate Program as a “Partner” and earn a profit (9% per month) from subleasing and recommending devices to other recipients.
We offer rental in different time periods, assuming that the shortest time is 1 month (30 calendar days). The longest period is 2 years (720 calendar days), after which the contract is renewed or terminated. Depending on the selected time period, recurring payments are made in the form of automatic subscriptions, downloaded from the connected bank card of the lessor. Settlement is based on invoices.

If you need more devices, it is best to contact the sales team to discuss the details of your social and business needs. We are open to cooperation as part of partnership, which is why we approach each client flexibly to achieve business synergy on a win-win basis.

The entire rental process is remote due to the reduction of costs and acceleration of the processes of establishing cooperation with people and entities in different parts of the world.
When purchasing a device, the process is simple, the customer pays the full amount for the device and receives home/office delivery. In the case of renting, the process is more complex, but it is geared to the benefit of the recipient, if only because he does not have to worry about the efficiency of the device, he receives many additional benefits described on the “Pricing” page, he does not generate waste and, most importantly, he receives a brand new device every 2 years within the subscription.

The return of the XoboX device can take place for several reasons:

  1. End of rental at the specified time
  2. Replacement for a new device after two years of use
  3. Damage / loss / theft of the device during use
  4. Canceling the rental ahead of time
  5. Unforeseen random situations

In each of the above cases, the landlord is obliged to write an e-mail to the XoboX service department (info@xobox.co.uk) with information about the desire to return the device and adding information about the reason for return. For point:

  1. The lessor is obliged to return the device within a specified time after the last day of rental, if he wrote an e-mail with information about the desire to return the device on the last day of renting at the latest. If he fails to do so, the rental is extended for another month / year and the fee is charged from the bank card attached to the subscription.
  2. We have information about the time of renting the device by users, so in this respect we contact the lessor before the end of the 2-year lease.
  3. Each situation with damage / loss of the device requires our individual consideration and the lessor provides detailed information about the incident. The entire process is described in detail on the “Legal Agreement” and “Privacy Policy” pages, where the following is presented if one of the listed circumstances occurs. If the lessor purchases additional insurance for the rental of the device, all unforeseen circumstances are removed from the client by the insurance company.
  4. It is required to send an email (info@xobox.co.uk) with the reason for resignation. Money in such a situation for unused days is not returned.

Remember, it’s always best to contact XoboX support to avoid unnecessary problems with returning the device.

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